A great big thank you!!!!!

Wow, what a week we’ve had. Since we launched Emil’s fundraising appeal last week we have had an absolutely breathtaking response and count ourselves very lucky indeed to find ourselves surrounded by so many lovely people. Not only has Emil’s fund got off to an amazing start but we’ve also received many offers of future contributions from various sponsored events such as running, cycling and even a parachute jump!!! Also the proceeds from selling soft toys and making Emil’s fund the nominated ‘cause’ in schools and on the local community facebook page. We’ve also heard so many lovely personal comments about our littlest boy, it’s very heart warming to know that his little smiley face and chirpy manner has reached so many people on his day to day journey. So thank you, everyone, for all your help and support in our appeal. By hook or by crook we will get this little chap the treatment he so richly deserves. In the mean time I’m sure he’ll keep you entertained with his chipper outlook and relentless positivity.

Once again thank you from Lindz, Helen, Sebastien & of course Emil XXXX

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