So here it is... the first challenge.... the 24hr WANDER-ABOUT-ATHON!

Well we've had a bonkers couple of weeks since we launched Emil's appeal with all sorts of offers of fundraising events, donations, loads of well wishing, liking and sharing but also a lot of raising awareness of not only specifically Emil's condition but generally having opportunity of demystifying the whole 'Cerebral Palsy' thing. So thanks again, you've all been ace. Anyhoo, we thought it was about time we got the show on the road.... literally, so here's the first of our challenges:

On Thursday 1st of June 2017 Lindz (Emil's Dad) will be testing the very limits of the human spirit by walking for 24 hours non stop (apart from popping to the loo etc) loaded up with the weight of Emil on his back. This is to both highlight the day to day struggle that sufferers like Emil relentlessly face whatever the weather and also to signify the outstanding support that he has so generously been shown by everyone. For health and safety reasons this will not actually be 'Emil' but instead a rucksack of the equivalent weight. He'll be wearing the Team EmilGO strip and treading a local circuit around the streets of Darlington and MSG, so if you see him on your travels then say hi or give him a wave but don't offer him a sit down as he'll never get back up.

Thank you for all your support,

Lindz, Helen, Sebastien & of course Emil XXXX

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