Raising awareness, not just funds!

Our main goal in this whole venture is to try and raise enough funds in order to pay for the vital/life changing treatment which Emil so rightly deserves. I cannot begin to imagine what it has been like for the little guy... he started out life in a completely normal way just like everybody else, there were no genetic defects, nothing viral or hereditary... he's not been cursed by the fact that I'm going to turn 86 on my next birthday or anything like that.... it's purely a complete accident that has happened to him at some point which cannot be pin-pointed. If he had not been starved of oxygen for that matter of only a few moments at some point while he was tiny then things would've been completely different now and he'd be running around and getting told off just as much as his big brother (actually Sebastien's turned out pretty good bearing in mind what he's had forced upon him over the last 3 years or so). Sadly it is what it is. So the little chap, despite being thwarted from the start and spending every single day, every uncomfortable night and every new morning waking up to that strange feeling of being completely and utterly physically restrained, he has manage to keep a gorgeous little smile upon his face and cheerily set about doing his very best to defy nature itself to get him where he is today. If I manage to live to be two hundred, he's more of a man now than I can ever hope to be and I have only complete and utter respect for both him for his resilience and positivity, his big brother for his genuine compassion and comradery and his Mum for being the strong silent type that I'm supposed to be when really on the inside she's an absolute tempest of every crazy bottled up emotion that you can and can't imagine. I do go on a bit don't I? Anyhoo, so it's not just that we need the funds but we also need everyone to 'like', 'share' and create as much of a positive buzz about this situation as possible in the hope that from it comes hope, understanding, respect and appreciation not just for Emil's sake but for everyone who quietly suffers and does their best despite being dealt a bad hand in life and regarded as something to be pitied when in fact they've probably achieved more than we'll ever know.

Obviously the more this issue gets 'shared' then the more likely that things like local newspapers may get involved and so on, and so on etc.

I just though it best to add that this is my own personal contribution to the website/blog so forgive any grammar issues as it kind of spilled out of my head as I typed. This is a blog type website so chances are I'll probably have another ramble on again at some point as things develop.

Thank you for reading.


Lindz ;)


Please 'like' and 'share' our pages to help spread the word as far and wide as possible: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/emilgo https://www.gofundme.com/emilgo https://www.facebook.com/emilgogogo https://www.emilgo.co.uk

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